At the commercial department of Ondo State Radio and Television Stations (OSRC) and the annex office of the Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) in Akure, the state capital, property worth millions of naira was destroyed following a fire outbreak.

The inferno began at midnight at the SUBEB annex office, affecting two complex buildings, according to eyewitnesses. 

As in the early morning when the Networks News crew arrived on the scene, there was already part of the building on fire. 

Yinka Badede, Director of the OSRC Commercial Department, said that many significant records, as well as personal belongings of the workers, were lost in the fire outbreak.

The Permanent Secretary said many valuables were burned at the SUBEB office, such as teacher records, databases of all records, as well as office equipment.

Bankole Adu, a business owner, regretted the consumption of products worth over N2 million in the inferno. 

He called on the state to come to his assistance as his entire source of livelihood was burning down.

While the cause of the inferno has not yet been identified, the authorities have ensured that the investigation will be carried out in order to identify and enforce measures to avoid the re-occurrence of the incident.


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