The President finally spoke on the issue after weeks of # EndSARS protests and demands by Nigerians for President Muhammadu Buhari to resolve the situation.

The President told the demonstrators in his less than 15-minute long speech that their voices were 'loud and clear'. 

He urged them, therefore, to stop their protests, saying 'we are responding'. 

"While recognizing that" the option to demonstrate peacefully is a fundamental right of citizens as enshrined in Section 40 of our Constitution, "the President noted, however, that" this right to protest often imposes on the demonstrators the obligation to respect the rights of other people and the need to act within the scope of the law.' 

Five demands were made by the demonstrators, including the release of all detained demonstrators, justice and compensation for victims ' families, the formation of an independent agency to monitor the prosecution of officers, the psychological examination of disbanded officers prior to redeployment, and the increase in the salaries of police officers. 

The five-point demands have been 'carefully examined' according to the president. 

The immediate removal of the controversial unit (SARS), which is at the center of the protests, was one of the first measures taken in the first week of the national protests. 

In addition to this, the president said steps are being placed in place in his address to address the other demands. 

According to him, the dismantling of the unit was already in line with "our dedication to carrying out substantial police reforms."

Without specifically addressing the shootings of soldiers at Lagos State's Lekki Toll Gate and other parts of the country, the President also requested Nigerians to take advantage of some of his administration's initiatives to alleviate poverty , especially targeting youth, women and the most vulnerable groups in society. 

He said there would be an upward review of police staff wages, as well as their overall health, which was among the five demands named by demonstrators.

'With regard to the welfare of police personnel, the aim of the National Salaries, Income and Salaries Commission was to speed up action to finalize the new pay structure for members of the Nigerian Police Force. The emoluments of other paramilitary forces are also being upwardly checked, he said. 

President Buhari also directed security forces to protect all law-abiding citizens' lives and property without hurting those they are supposed to protect.


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